Lonnie Mitchell is a transformation coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her mission is to turn the weight-loss industry upside down by focusing on weight-loss from the inside out. What does that mean? Releasing the weight of self-hate and doubt so that when a woman looks in the mirror, she loves her reflection because she loves herself. 

So often we look to lose weight to gain confidence and seek out the health and fitness industry for the next meal plan and workout program in hopes that this will be the one to get us in gear. Only then will we feel confident and know our worth. Unfortunately, despite the best intentions, we often end up in a hamster wheel where we do well for a bit then life happens, we’re back to our old habits, and the cycle repeats leaving us feeling more defeated than before. Either we’re not motivated, don’t have the time, we’re overwhelmed, emotionally eating or even eating out of boredom…do any of these sound familiar?

The cycle often lies within deeper inner issues such as a lack of self-worth, etc. We also tend to focus on what we lack and hating ourselves until we see any progress but you can’t hate your way to self-love. No new diet or workout plan or magical pill, coffee, oil, shake, whatever else is going to fix that. You can lose weight but if you don’t deal with what’s weighing you down in the heart and head, your confidence and self-worth will still feel like a struggle. 

Lonnie understands what it’s like to feel like to hit rock bottom only to fight to see light again. Lonnie had tried for over 8 years to lose weight from emotional eating, crappy food on the go with a busy schedule, and a desk job. She was on the typical career track of corporate and climbing the ladder within the marketing world when she unexpectedly lost her father.

Though not proud to admit it, Lonnie became extremely negative and cynical and gained even more weight. At one point she did win biggest loser at work but she still fell prey to the story of unworthiness and didn’t recognized who she saw in the mirror. After earning a master’s degree in economics and gaining the weight back, she no longer had a distraction from her pain. Lonnie was chasing success to make her dad proud but realized one day that to make her dad proud, she just needed to be happy. A couple months later, she quit corporate and began traveling in pursuit of healing and joy.

Through her transformation, Lonnie was able to rediscover herself and become healthy from the inside out giving her confidence, positivity, and a feeling of being whole again (though a piece will always be missing). Though she lost 20 lbs, the inner weight released was so much greater. Lonnie has now found a purpose and joy in helping other women do the same and claim their worth in a fraction of the time it took her.  

When she is not helping other women, Lonnie is spending time with her family and fur babies or exploring the world.


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