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Aine Mitchell is a transformation coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. When she is not helping other women, she is spending time with her family and fur babies or exploring the world. 

She was on the typical career track of corporate and climbing the ladder within the marketing world. Aine is known for her efficiency and strategic thinking in the corporate world. After unexpectedly losing her father, Aine understands what it’s like to feel that all control in life is lost and hit rock bottom only to fight to see light again. 

One day during work and reflecting on her desire to make her parents (especially now her dad) proud, Aine realized the thing he would want most is for her to be happy…so she chased happiness. Aine quit corporate and began traveling for self-reflection in pursuit of healing and joy. 

Through her transformation, Aine was able to rediscover herself and become healthy from the inside out giving her confidence, positivity, and a feeling of being whole again (though a piece will always be missing). She has now found a purpose and joy in helping other women do the same.

So often we look to lose weight to gain confidence but end up in a cycle where we do well for a bit then life happens, we’re back to our old habits, and the cycle repeats and leaves us feeling even more defeated. The cycle often lies within deeper inner issues that we need to handle whether it’s stress management, past experience still causing us pain, a lack of self-worth, etc.

Aine is committed to helping women claim their self-worth and  transform from the inside out, feeling weighed down to weightless. 

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Ready to make a transformation?

Here’s How I can help

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching is one of the best and fastest ways to reach your goals. Not only do you have accountability to keep you on track, but you also have someone to help you dive deep on what you are going through and how to get through it versus general advice in a group setting. Weighed Down to Weightless is an 8 week coaching program designed to help you transform into a healthier, happier you.

Wellness Retreats

Sometimes getting away from day to day life is just what is needed to gain a new perspective. Through wellness retreats you have the opportunity to gain clarity and heal in new places. These wellness retreats also include activities to help women grow, gain confidence, and discover peace while enjoying beautiful scenery. Activities may include yoga, meditation, journaling exercises, empowerment and healing circles, local activities (i.e. snorkeling, hiking, sailing), etc. 

Facebook Group

Every Saturday, weekly live videos are added to the FREE Facebook group. Through this group women have a support system to help them with their journey, share their own, and have access to discussions and tips for everything on self-love and wellness (such as dealing with anxiety and healthy recipies). This is also a great place to stay up to date on new freebies and occasional giveaways.

Weighed Down to WEIGHTLESS

So often us women try to lose weight to feel healthy or look good in a dress thinking we’ll be happy then. What often happens is we end up going through a yo-yo cycle or we finally lose the weight but still lack joy. This is because a true transformation that lasts starts within. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you put into your body, it’s also about what you put into your mind and soul, how you talk to yourself, the standards you place for yourself and others and so much more. The desire for change is rarely just about weight but we’re too busy going through the day to day minutia to really figure out and deal with the true stressors. By getting healthy from the inside out a true transformation occurs. This program is for women ready to let-go of what no longer serves them and transform their life. Through one on one coaching, women learn to bust through limiting beliefs, claim their worth, gain clarity and peace, develop positive mindsets, and so much more.

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