1:1 VIP Session

Know you’re meant for more and crave personal and professional freedom.

You know you have some sort of limiting belief or emotional block stopping you from experience a deep sense of self-love and unlocking your potential for holistic healing, health and success but you’re not quite ready for a full 1:1 container or desire a quick re-alignment? This is your golden ticket. 

Here are two options to work with me to help you get unstuck and back into your power + highest-self

1. Just the call

One hour 1:1 call to go over what you are struggling with in embodying your highest-self and shift the mental or emotional block keeping you from shifting your identity into your highest-self. 

2. Upgrade me! (this is most popular and transformative)

A one hour call + Telegram day (to be scheduled another day) to help you integrate the identity shifts you’ll have on our call. Telegram is a messaging app where you have the whole day to voice + text with me with anything that is coming up to continue the transformative work from our call.

Once you’ve selected your investment I will reach out within 24 hours( to the email you use) to schedule our call 🙂 

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