Custom Gemstone Bottle Necklace




gemstone necklace

These necklaces are the perfect accessory to help you energetically throughout the day but are also a cute fashion piece. This piece can be customized to fit your style or energetic needs. To choose your gemstone(s) simply add this item to the cart then type in which one(s) you want the bottle filled with in the notes section of checkout.  Each bottle can fit up to about 3-4 different types of gemstones and comes with a 16″ silver chain with multiple loops to adjust.

Because these are custom made, please allow up to 4 days for processing.

Here are the gemstone options and their energetic properties:

Rose quartz: A gentle energy promoting love, self-love, healing, and peace. This feminine gemstone brings a calming effect to the mind and body.

Aventurine: Promotes prosperity, clearing blockages of negative emotions, Aventurine is great for clearing blocks of energy from the heart chakra and solar plexus, helping with communication and bonding.

Citrine: A great gemstone for those wanting to bring in abundance. Citrine is known to help with motivation, creativity, and self-expression.  This energetic gemstone is known for welcoming joy and prosperity.

Crystal: Helps to clear mental blocks to restore focus, amplifies energy, and promotes clarity.

Onyx: For those needing strength and confidence, onyx is known for these properties. It is also said to help with grief, self-control, and decision making.

Amethyst: A calming crystal for your mind and body. The properties of amethyst include natural boosting of intuition and spirituality, relieving stress, and promoting better sleep and mood.  It is a great crystal for those wanting to feel more peaceful.

Tiger Eye: This gemstone is known for luck and prosperity which can be useful for manifesting. It is also a grounding & protective crystal which is great for those who get nervous when traveling.

Periot: This crystal is great for helping your actions come into alignment with your highest self as it is known to help you think clearly and avoid past mistakes.

Magnesite: Great for the heart chakra, magnesite promotes self-love and acceptance.

Red Agate: A grounding gemstone, red agate helps to clear negative energy and thinking patterns, replacing them with new positive ones to help you with life’s challenges. This gemstone helps you to tap into your creativity and step into the flow.

Bamboo Coral: These properties include passion and calling in love into your life. There are also articles that show it can be used as a protecting gemstone for expecting mothers.

Garnet: A releaser of slow, steady energy to help you feel grounded as you work toward creating your dreams. Great for manifesting, healing, and self-worth.


*Note: Gemstones and these items are not meant to heal, treat, or diagnose in any way.