Custom Meditation Bracelet





These mala beads are great for helping with energy, a cute accessory, or for your meditation practice.

Because these are custom and made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. To choose which beads you want, please email the order number and name of the gemstone you’d like to

The bracelets are made with 27 Grade AAA crystal beads (the highest grade). Why 27? In Buddhism, there are 108 human emotions and actions that prevent enlightenment; in Yoga culture, there are times when a Yogi will complete 108 sun salutations during the year to welcome change; there are 12 houses and 9 planets in astrology which when multiplied together equate to 108….long story short, there are many spiritual reasons for the number 108. You can look at them all here:

For bracelets, it is recommended to use a product of 108, hence, 27.

The beads are 6mm and come with a pendant (typically a lotus flower)