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Weightless Warrior 


“I have found a different part of myself that I’ve reached with a whole lot of just self-love and self-worth”

“I also better understand now that I have to love myself as I am in order to make positive changes in my life which involve treating my whole self better.”

“She has helped me become more sure of myself and helped me to accept myself. I now can better handle my anxiety when it gets triggered.”

“My favourite part of the day…taking off all my make-up and just showing exactly who I am through and through no filter, no changes, just me, and I love her.”

“I’m a better mom, sister, wife and better person for it.”

Does this Sound Familiar?

No matter how hard I try, I feel I’m just not “good enough.”


 I feel so overwhelmed with life and the pressures and expectations. I just feel stuck and defeated.


 I hate looking in the mirror. I wish I was able to feel comfortable in my skin or at least stop criticizing myself all the time.


After getting excited and being committed to a new healthy lifestyle, I fall off the wagon a couple weeks later. I can’t seem to break old patterns.


I wish I had more motivation. It’s not even about the weight anymore…I just want to feel confident and happy; to take better care of myself.


No matter what is going on with me, I always put others first. I just don’t have time to do something for me.


I feel like I wear masks with everybody, trying to keep them all happy. I wish I could just be myself. 


Something has to change but probably never will because nothing has worked yet.

you are not alone

I get it! It used to be me.

No matter what I tried or how hard I tried, I could just never shake the feeling of not being “enough” for others or stick to being healthy.  I thought the only way to be happy with who I was meant I had to be thin. 

Think health is only about eating salad and working-out….heck no. I thought so too but true peace and health is mind, body, soul connection.

I was stuck in a crappy attitude and a vicious cycle of hating my myself and my body, filling the void with emotional eating. 

Then it finally clicked…I realized the missing puzzle piece.

Within a months I lost 20 lbs, quit corporate, ended a nine-year relationship, and began traveling. Here is the thing, when you rediscover yourself, you rediscover a whole new world.   

This isn’t just a typical weightloss story or program. This is about losing the INNER weight that has been holding you back and loving YOU.


You can’t self-hate your way to self-love

There is a crazy amount of free content on the internet for everything weight loss from diets to workouts to shakes and pills and even coffees. The list is endless. 


Yet why is it when, like so many other women, you’ve tried to get healthy or lost weight, you either fall off the wagon shortly after starting or you lose the weight but still don’t feel confident? Maybe you even put it back on ending up in this exhausting yo-yo cycle?


It’s because there are deeper issues…confidence and loving yourself isn’t just an outside problem. For every shape and size there is a person who loves themselves and a person who hates themselves. That’s because self-love is an inside job.


That’s why the weight loss industry is worth $72 Billion!


It’s not your fault! Everything in society from social media to magazines to ads tell us we need to lose weight and get healthy so here is the next best diet and exercise plan.


It doesn’t matter what you try. Your deep inner beliefs are what will get you results. They are what drive your outer experiences in this world. You can’t outrun or outdiet a crappy mindset.


And you can’t hate your way to loving yourself.


“That’s nice. So just how the hell do I feel confident while getting healthy then?” Maybe traditional health isn’t your goal and your question is, “How do I learn to find my worth now? To treat myself better? To handle my emotions? To love myself?”


Owning your worth and putting yourself as a priority. 

Feeling beautiful and confident in your skin and those cute outfits you’re dying to wear. 

Unbecoming everything you’re not to step into you truly are and who you’re meant to be. 

Truly creating a healthy lifestyle that sticks; ending the yo-yo cycle and keeping off the weight.

Shutting down that inner critic and self-doubt while being more kind to yourself

Having more energy to move through your day more easily and be present with your family and friends.  

Waking up with motivation to take the life changing actions you know will help you toward your goals.   

Letting go of the weight of the past past to enjoy to finally move forward and enjoy the present while getting clear on your goals for the future.

 You deserve to feel this way!

This isn’t a rehearsal, it’s your life. You are here for a reason. You were born to enjoy life, not exist through it. Stop existing and start living.

You can’t self-hate your way to self-love

Weightless Warrior



This program is a three month program designed to help you shed everything you are not to step into who you truly are unapologetically.

Every week a new module will be released in the platform that you will sign-in to. You can go week by week or take it at your own pace.

This program isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the woman who is truly ready to transform. It’s for the woman who has had enough of the same hamster wheel and is ready to bust through any excuses to get out of it.

What we’ll be diving into:

Week 1:  Get clear and upgrade your thoughts

Week 2: Back to the source

Week 3: Self-worth

Week 4:  Release & forgiveness

Week 5:  Renew to step into your truth

Week 6:  Build confidence in who you truly are

Week 7: Surrender

Week 8:  Get connected with your body

Week 9:  Creating consistent healthy habits

Week 10:  Embody your highest self

Now here is the thing…

you can take this course on your own and have lifetime access


get this course for free with my 1:1 coaching Weightless Warrior three month program

Weightless Warrior Academy


10 week program

10 weeks of inner work journals and guidance videos 

3 meditations 

Yoga body connectivity class

Inner healing dance class

Nutrition and workout guide specifically made for the WWA by a registered dietician and personal trainer

You get all this with lifetime access PLUS

Access to a high-vibe community with similar goals

Questions? Book a free call here

Weightless Warrior Godess

3 or 6 month program

All of the Weightless Warrior Academy for FREE*

Daily personal support to coach you in real time through your transformation

Two monthly 1:1 calls (45 minutes) to dive into what’s holding you back and break through to your next level

Daily and weekly accountability for your goals

Daily support via messenger

Access to a high-vibe community with similar goals



Lonnie helped me gain perspective into my own issues with time management as well as relationship. Teaching me tools to recognize that I am worthy and enough and giving me that courage and insight to come to my own conclusions.
She really takes the time to dive deep to the root of WHY we feel the way we do and taking care of ourselves first.
Not only is she a wonderful person but she is empathetic, wise, and able to relate to my issues and give me a different perspective than I had previously. Thank you Lonnie 💕 highly recommend and look forward to working with you in the future.

I started working with Lonnie because I was sick of feeling insignificant and essentially worthless at extended family gatherings. With a large, extended family vacation approaching, I knew I needed something to change and fast.
I told Lonnie I was confident everywhere else, just not in that setting. Despite my resistance, she pushed me to do the hard work. She helped me see how that lack of confidence was affecting every other area of my life without me knowing.
Then, she helped me build my self-confidence and turn everything around. She helped me discover what healthy boundaries look like. I went on that vacation, and multiple family members commented about how I was different. Better. I was unapologetically me whether people liked it or not. It was the absolute best feeling in the world.
It was freeing. I owe that all to Lonnie. So thank you Lonnie – from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

Lonnie is FABULOUS!!  I have never felt so supportive.  My life has changed for the better due to her coaching.  She is supportive, positive, accepting, and full of wonderful guidance!  Lonnie has really helped me to realize where my energy was being focused and if that is where I wanted it to be.  She is truly amazing!


I have found a different part of myself that I’ve reached with a whole lot of just self-love and self-worth and a lot of that is due to my coaching with Lonnie. I can now look in the mirror without my make-up and like who I see and I was never able to do that before. It is possible to not feel that way. I feel so light and so free and so beautiful all the time. It’s freeing and it feels amazing. Lonnie is one of the best resources ever. You can find a way to love yourself for the amazing beautiful goddesses that you are. When you do what you feel from that moment on is extraordinary. You’ll think, “man I can’t believe all that time I spent not loving  myself,” cus it truly is one of the most life changing experiences that I’ve ever had and I’m a better mom, sister, wife and better person for it. My favourite part of the day…taking off all my make-up and just showing exactly who I am through and through no filter, no changes, just me, and I love her. 


Lonnie is such a breath of fresh air! I love working with her. She never tells you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Mindset is absolutely everything and she helps walk you through all the past and present junk and clears that out and helps form new healthy more confident mindset. I knew how I was going about life, my view, my mindset, how I would react, wouldn’t react needed to change. The saying “the only person you can change is yourself” is cliche but very true. You may not be able to change people or situations or how people react towards you BUT you can change how you perceive things, how you talk to yourself, how you react and how you allow yourself feel about YOU. This is what Lonnie has helped me with. Acceptance, approval, admire! It has been a powerful, yet freeing journey that I have taken with her!
Sarah C.

My whole life, I’ve struggled with having confidence and loving myself as I am. I carried the negative talk I heard from others as a child into my adulthood and began saying those things to myself. I didn’t know how to stop the constant stream of negativity happening in my own head, even after working with a therapist. Working with Lonnie, I’ve learned effective techniques for handling these emotions. I have a better handle on what I can do to not only stop these thoughts, but focus my thoughts on my positive attributes and accomplishments. I also better understand now that I have to love myself as I am in order to make positive changes in my life which involve treating my whole self better.


Lonnie is an amazing person! I have struggled with self confidence and anxiety most of my adult life. She has helped me become more sure of myself and helped me to accept myself. I now can better handle my anxiety when it gets triggered. Also, with my business she gave me such good advice and helped me become a more confident business woman. I will forever be grateful to her for the the tools she gave me to navigate life! Thank you so much beautiful, God has blessed you with an amazing calling!


Gain Self-Love – Lose the Weight of Not Good Enough

I spent thousands of dollars on nutrition plans and exercise classes. I tried to lose weight and gain confidence for 10 years. But then everything changed. 

Within 5 months I made a transformation not only with my body but also my mind and my soul.  

Now I’m helping other women make a transformation and giving the same tools and techniques I used to go from negative, overweight, and depressed to loving my reflection, owning my worth, and having the confidence to manifest my dream life.

Are you ready?

Lose the weight of self-hate and gain a new love yourself.

Lose the weight of caring what others think and gain freedom in embracing your true self.

Lose the weight of wearing different masks to make others happy and boundaries and self-respect.






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