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I never was a huge reader simply because of having to read in school and the college but now that I’ve been done with my degrees for a while, I’ve been reading on and off before bed recently and I notice quite the difference when I do. Maybe you’ve noticed these differences yourself if you’re an on/off reader before bed person like myself.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced when reading right before bed:

It got easier to fall asleep

Sometimes, I would have to watch 2 or 3 episodes of a show before I could pass out. After reading for about half-hour or forty-five minutes, I’d fall asleep within twenty minutes. This also meant I got in more sleep hours.

I’d sleep more soundly
I often toss and turn during the night but when I read before bed I notice that I do so less and feel more rested in the morning.

My mind didn’t race as much

We all have so much going on and it can be hard to turn the brain off. I actually don’t think it ever really switches off but I get fairly relaxed (muscles included) with reading and my mind bounces around less with reading before bed

I learned

Depending on what kind of books you read this may differ for you. I started reading books on being a happier person and the “don’t sweat the small stuff” kind of books which have helped me learn tools and techniques.

My recent read? Get your SH*T together by Sarah Knight. I’m loving it. Fearless By Max Lucado was a great one too. Now, I don’t read every night. I still will typically fall asleep to a  T.V. show I’ve watched multiple times, but sometimes I’ll meditate or read to fall asleep. It really depends on the night for which helps me sleep more. Through experimenting, these three ways have helped me the most though so I’ll typically try one and if it doesn’t work I’ll go to the next. It’s best to experiment for yourself.

Do you read before bed? Have you tried it and noticed a difference? Share your experiences below with us.