You guys have asked for it and I’m giving it to you! Of course, I’d like to travel to many places, but I’ll give my top 5 personal bucket list destinations. So far I have been to Canada, Mexico, Belize, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Bali, Australia and Thailand. I’ve technically been to Japan but only for a layover (man, their bathrooms are lovely providing the sounds of the rainforest as you…ya know). I’ve also technically been to India for a layover. Ok, ok, let’s get into it!!

Destination 1: Bora Bora/Maldives

I really don’t think I need to explain this one. Just Google it and the pictures should explain it all.  I’ve been wanting to go to Bora Bora for probably 10 years now and the travel itch is real! If you don’t want to pay the prices for the overwater bungalows you can get them in Belize for probably over half the cost of going to Bora Bora…but my heart still yearns to go. Ya’ll know I love the beaches and warm weather so this should come as no surprise and I know it’s on so many other people’s list as well. Drop a heart emoji in the comments if this is a bucket list place for you.


Destination 2: Greece

The pictures I’ve seen in Greece are simply stunning and learning new cultures is usually a great experience. The architecture has also intrigued me to visit.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Greece except what I’ve learned in school and seen in pictures so if you guys have any suggestions on cities to visit, please send them my way!


Destination 3: Puerto Rico

Yup, another beach spot. I’ve been fascinated with Puerto Rico for years for whatever reason. To be completely honest, I think one reason is I just love the name and saying it; it’s fun! I bet you’re saying it out loud right now. The pictures look stunning and I’ve heard most of the Caribbean has a slower paced lifestyle which I can absolutely get on board with.
I have also learned in the last couple of years of a certain depressing beach, Dead Dog Beach. Pretty much it’s at the end of a very long road and there isn’t much there so dogs are typically dumped there and left to die. The Sato Project works to take in these dogs to rehabilitate and rehome them. I would love to spend time down there and help out in any way.
For those of you in America that live near JFK or Newark airport, you can volunteer to drive the dogs to their foster homes or one of the sanctuary partners. Here’s a pic of my boy, Romeo. He is from the states but I dream of adopting a foreign dog soon.


Costa Rica is also on my radar as I’d love to visit the waterfalls and volcanos and go ziplining! Adventure thrills, anyone? Call me crazy-I must be because I’m scared of heights-but from what I’ve learned they have the longest zip line in the world and I want to say I’ve done it. There is also a great dog sanctuary I want to visit in the country called Territorio de Zaguates.


Destination 4: Australia

Liam Hemsworth…enough said. Just kidding! But c’mon, those accents are to die for. Once again, it’s about the beaches and animals. I know I’ve already been there but I feel there is much more to explore as I was only on the East coast. Holding a koala and petting kangaroos was a dream come true and I’d love to explore the country more (minus the snakes and bugs). If I had to give a different answer I’d go with New Zealand, though. The countryside looks absolutely stunning and I’ve recently learned you can swim with humpback whales in Tonga, an island off the coast of NZ, so I’ll be researching that!


Destination 5: Bahamas 

I know, I know! You’re probably thinking, “C’mon, Lonnie! Enough with the Caribbean…what about somewhere else in Asia or a safari in Africa?” I hear you! But, you guys, there’s a place called Pig Beach. It’s an island where you can literally swim with pigs. There is an issue with increased tourism and people giving the pigs alcohol (please don’t do that!) and food. Since they are wild pigs they used to search for food in the forest but now rely on the tourists who come. I’d love to go but I have a bit more research to do before determining if measurements have been put in place to protect the animals more. You guys know how much I love my animals so I like to do research before doing things like this.

There ya have it. My top five travel destinations at the moment. I’d love to hear yours in the comments below or on online. Feel free to chat over on Instagram or Facebook!